Spatial Touch Apk Download For Android [Unblocked]

Have Android users ever thought of using an Android smartphone remotely without touching their finger? This thought seems impossible for Android users. However, it is now possible to do all these operations with this new Spatial Touch Apk. Here the App allows mobile users to control smartphones remotely.

When the Android smartphone entered human life, they became so affiliated that they loved doing different operations. Yes, now smartphones become a necessary key component in human life. However, in some situations, mobile users may be unable to use their phone due to wet hands.

Further, keeping a smartphone near the eyes is also not beneficial. However, controlling the smartphone from a long distance is not possible. As touch screens require fingers to operate devices. Previously, no option was accessible to control devices. Yet, installing the new App enables fans to control smartphones without touching them.

What is Spatial Touch Apk?

Spatial Touch Apk is an amazing AI-based Android tool developed by VTouch. Now this Android App Apk is mainly structured focusing on Android users’ assistance. Here installing the App offers complete freedom for mobile users to control their devices remotely without touching their fingers on the screen.

A person who already bought an Android smartphone experiences touching the screen as a necessary operation. Without doing the touching, it is not possible to operate a smartphone. Although there are other assisting tools also exist that can help in operating the smartphone without touching such as Google Assistant.

However, these voice-commanding services are very difficult to operate. As these voice-commanding services require good pronunciation requirement. Without giving a clear command, these operations didn’t operate perfectly. The ones who are not good at English, may unable to use these services.

Therefore focusing on these issues and easy access to remote controlling devices using gestures. Here we are providing this incredible new Spatial Touch Apk for Android users. Simply downloading and installing the particular Android tool allows the user to manage and control streaming using finger gestures. To explore other relative Android assisting tools recommend keep visiting Lusogamer.

Details of APK

NameSpatial Touch
Size74 MB
Package Nameio.vtouch.spatial_touch
Required Android7.0 and Plus

Offers Air Gesture

This feature is completely new and amazing for mobile users. Now allowing the application offers freedom to control different media files including YouTube, Netflix Amazon, etc moving fingers. Simply, use the fingers for media playback, volume, Scrolling, Navigation, and for Play Pause.

Remote Management

Now installing the Spatial Touch App makes it possible for Android users to control different operations remotely. For suppose a person’s hand or finger is wet and unable to perform an important task. Then we recommend using the Air gesture to remotely control the smartphone without touching the screen.

Advanced Gesture Recognition

Most Android users find this process less attractive due to lag in the process. However, we find the process cozy due to its advanced gesture recognition. Here the developers integrate these different hand gesture filters inside the application. Now use the strong filters to avoid any false gesture.

Auto Start

Sometimes mobile users may completely forget to activate the app. They believe they are required to activate the App every time. However, this application is different and offers this Auto Start feature. For suppose a user opens a compatible App such as Netflix then this App will Auto Start and start rendering services automatically.

Completely Secure

A large proportion of mobile users avoid installing such third-party apps due to security concerns. When we installed and explored the Spatial Touch Download then we found it completely secure. As the application claims not to save any of the information on their servers. Further, the camera is only used to detect gestures only.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Spatial Touch Apk?

Out there many websites claim to offer similar Apks for free. But in reality, those online accessible sources are offering fake and corrupted files. Thus what should mobile users do in such a situation when everyone is offering false files?

In this scenario, we recommend mobile users to visit our website. As here on our website, we only offer authentic and original Apps. Until we are not assured about smooth operation, we never provide the Apk inside the download section. To download the latest version of the Android App please click on direct download link button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spatial Touch Apk Safe To Use?

We already mentioned earlier that the Android App is completely safe to install. Further, the App claims not to save any pictures and user information.

Where I Can Download APK file?

Android users can easily download the latest version of the application from here as well as from the Google Play Store.

Is The Android App Free To Download

Yes, the application we are providing here is completely free. Further, the app never asks for registration or a subscription license.


If we talk about controlling the Android smartphones remotely without touching screens, then we recommend Spatial Touch Apk. Basically, the Android App we are providing here is completely free. Further, the application never requires any registration or subscription. It means all the operations offered here are completely free.

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