Star7 Live TV Apk Download 2022 For Android [Latest]

Star7 Live TV Apk is an Android application that is available for all Android smartphones and tablets. Smartphones have captured a huge space in human’s life. Even sometimes it will be difficult for us to live without Smartphones.

Because smartphones have changed our lives and made most of our routine work very simple and much easier. So we can pay bills, we can order a taxi, book tickets and so many other things we do via smartphone right sitting at home.

About Star7 Live TV

There was a time when people use to buy televisions and other such devices to watch their desired programs. But in this 21st-century smartphones have provided an alternative or better substitute for television.

As there is so many Android IPTV Applications on Android tablets or smartphones which allows its users to watch tv channels.

So right on their palms via Android smartphones, users can watch their favorite TV channels. Thanks to the Android application which has made this possible for all of us to get a “Smart TV” via Android apps. Which is reliable, easy to carry and most importantly free to watch every channel.

Here in this article, we are going to provide such an Android application. That will allow you to watch Live TV right from your Android. The name as we have mentioned in the first paragraph that name is also taken from TV Channel’s Name (Star7 Live TV) Apk.  

Free Live Tv For Android

Star7 Live TV App is a very simple application and provides you very convenient live TV streaming without any interruption with high-quality video.

We must not forget to thank those developers who launched this incredible Android TV streaming App. Because the quality of the image is very high and most importantly it has a wide range of channels to stream live.

There is no doubt that there is so many other Android Application. That offers its users to watch or stream live TV channels. But the way Star7 Live TV Application has been engineered is to provide a convenient stream with an un-interrupted high-quality image.

Therefore, this is the main reason or a unique feature that makes Star7 Live TV a much different and better Android TV Streaming App.

How many TV Channels in Star7 Live TV App

This is really very important to know how many channels that Star7 Live TV is providing to its users. If it is fail to provide wide range of channels. Then no one will try to download or install this app.

Therefore, developers have added more than hundred channels. So the users will enjoy a variety of channels according to their choice or mood.

There is one issue with the app that this App has been specifically developed for Arab countries therefore it has a wide range of Channels in the Arabic language.

However, there are few other channels you can stream live which are even suitable for other countries as well. But again if you are from Arab countries or you can understand the Arabic language then it is one of the best apps for you.

What kind of Channels you can Stream in Star7 Live TV Apk   

As I said this app is developed by an Arab. therefore it has mostly Arabic channels but it provides channels of the UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and some other European countries.

It has a variety of channels from general to thematic, private and governmental. So there is a variety or you can say diversity in channels.

There is good news for Soccer (football) fans that it offers a variety of Soccer based TV channels. Which show only Soccer related programs, such as Matches, tournaments, league events, news and discussions regarding soccer and much more.

The requirement for Star7 Live TV Apk

The minimum requirement for the Star7 Live TV is android 2.3 and more than that. Further, you might need a working internet connection.

How to install/Use Star7 Live TV Apk on Android

Follow the steps in order to install the app or use the app.

  1. Download Latest Star7 Live TV Apk file from our website.
  2. Install the app by tapping/clicking on the Apk file in your “download folder” or other folders where you have downloaded the application.
  3. Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  4. To use the app after installation go-to apps and tap/click on it.
  5. The app will be open and follow the “on Screen” instructions to stream your favorite TV channels.


This Android Application (Star7 Live TV) Apk is available for all the Android users from across the globe and users can stream channels from worldwide. Star7 Live TV Apk file can be downloaded by tap/click on the download link given right at the end of this article.

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