Teaching Feelings Apk 2023 Download For Android [Updated]

If you are tired of playing the same games again and again, still looking for something new and amazing, recommend Teaching Feelings. Basically, the Android gaming App Apk allows the players to enjoy real-time playing experience with different challenges. Moreover, the gamers can earn rewards for completing objectives.

The gameplay includes this live simulation experience in the form of a wonderful story. Here the gamers can enjoy playing two different versions. Till now the Vietnameseized by Ichibikun trending among the game players. Yet, it is also possible for gamers to directly download the Global English Apk file for free.

Inside the game, the players may encounter different characters including Sylvie. Now gamers are required to play carefully selecting the right options. Sylvie seems very shy and sensitive, so we recommend building a good relationship by conducting different discussions. Any Android users interested exploring gameplay should download it directly from here.

What is Teaching Feelings Apk?

Teaching Feelings Game Apk is a newly introduced novel story based Android App developed by Ichibikun. Here gamers can enjoy a unique playing experience by installing a Vietnamese gaming Apk file. It is also possible for players to directly download the English version of the game with one click.

The gaming App starts with a male doctor who is good at treating different diseases. However, out of a sudden this old man appear at the door with a beautiful girl. The girl said to be poor and sensitive about mental health. The old man requests the doctor to take care of the girl and try treating her mental health problem.

Old man seems tired and has no other option except to request the doctor. Here the doctor agrees to take this great responsibility and start treating Sylvie. The girl’s mental health seems not good and there are multiple different options available for pleasing. We recommend the gamers use those options carefully.

Here the main objective of the gamers is to take care of the girl and make her comfortable. Making her disturbed means bringing trouble to the doorstep. Complete the tasks to please the girl and earn different rewards instantly. So any gamer who is interested should try out installing Teaching Feelings Download. The other relative simulation games we offer here include WorldBox Apk and Frozen City Mod Apk.

Details of APK

NameTeaching Feelings
Size519 MB
Package Namecom.smilingdog.jikagerising
Required Android7.0 and Plus

This situational gameplay offers multiple options for gamers to render the story accordingly. The three main options include Talk, Pat on the Head and Touch Button. Mainly gamers love playing romantic scenes and push the Touch Button option. This sudden movement will irritate the girl and may leave a negative image.

We recommend the gamers play patiently and move calmly. Here the player’s task is not only taking care of her but also fulfilling the needs of Sylvie. Try earn cash and enjoy shopping different items with the girl. Taking her outside keeps her calm and offers this great opportunity to make her feel mentally healthy.

Apart from experiencing a unique good time with a girl, the gameplay assists gamers in learning the importance of women. They also learn the tactical importance of women in life and how fragile, delicate and easily broken. So the gamers will learn how to handle girls and how they can keep them happy.

This gameplay offers the greatest opportunity to learn skills regarding keeping girls happy. Even the players can also enjoy knowing about way to keep females safe and have brighter life for real. Thus any gamer who is willing to learn this new set of skills interacting with realistic virtual anime character we recommend downloading Teaching Feelings Download.

Key Features of The Game

The Gaming App Apk we are providing is a real simulation gameplay mainly structured for Android users. Here the gamers can enjoy interacting with differing beautiful anime characters. Further, the experts also add extra options inside. Here we’ll list those key accessible options in detail for Android gamers.

Touch Button For H Scenes

Apart from enjoying live interaction, gamers can also have romantic scenes. Mainly the gamers go direct for H scenes without making the girl comfortable. What we recommend here the gamer is to play gently and try making a number of discussions in the long run. After having good interaction, now the gamers can enjoy H scenes.

Play Differently

Mainly the players try to play the game in day time. But this game is perfect to play in the evening time without any restrictions. Playing at night will offer this great experience to players in terms of H scenes and interacting with real anime female characters. We can assure the gamers they’ll love playing in the evening.

Fixed Errors

The gamers may experience great difficulty entering the shop inside the previous version. However, this problem is completely resolved inside the latest gaming Apk file. Further, this game freeze problem is also resolved permanently by developers.

Mobile Friendly Interface

The game players will enjoy high definition experiences with different anime characters. It is also possible for players to boost FPS rate from the main settings for a wonderful playing experience. Here we can assure the gamers that they are going to love selecting different characters and managing key operations directly.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download Teaching Feelings Apk?

Before we jump directly towards installation and utilization of gaming Apk. The initial step is downloading and for that Android users can trust our website because here on our webpage we only offer authentic Apks for Android users.

To make sure the Android users will be entertained with the right Apk file, we hired an expert team. Until the team is not sure about the smooth operation, we never offer the Apk inside download section. To download the latest Android Game App please click on direct download link button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are We Providing Teaching Feelings Mod Apk?

Here we are offering the official version of gaming App for Android users. Directly click on the download link button and easily get the latest gaming App.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk?

We already installed the gaming App inside multiple smartphones and find it stable to play. Yet we recommend the Android users install App at their own risk.

Can Android Users Download Apk From Google Play Store?

The gaming App is not featured in Play Store. However, interested game players can easily get it from here with one click.


Teaching Feelings Apk is a wonderful simulation-based gaming App. Here the gamers can enjoy interacting with female anime characters with different levels. Here the each level presents different challenges to gamers. Here the players will learn the importance of females and also learn how to care.

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