Textura Stumble Guys Apk Download For Android [New Game]

We are glad to announce the arrival of Textura Stumble Guys Apk, a new action video game application where you can play multiple different mini-games that are based on multiple themes. If you are ready, then what are you waiting for? Download the latest version Apk and enjoy.

While there are a lot of different games available on the internet, including both action games and casual games. However, the developers have again come up with a unique item. There are plenty of different unique themes and mini-gameplays that you can get your hands on.

All gamers need to do is simply access the main dashboard. And then select their favorite character and join the battle. Remember the version we are actually supporting is a Mod Game. Where there are multiple pro characters and resources that can be unlocked at your request.

What is Textura Stumble Guys Apk

Textura Stumble Guys Apk is a perfect online action-based amazing app for Androids. Everyone’s looking to enjoy the various mini-games as well as to participate in the battle with more than 32 other players. Yeah, it’s true. There are more than 32 game lovers battling together at eleven.

During the competition, there are three major levels that must be completed to be considered a winner. Only those who can survive and successfully complete all three levels can be considered a winner. If you fail to complete all three levels, you will not be considered a winner of the battle.

If we talk about the key reachable characters and skins. Then inside the official version of the game, all those resources are locked inside the store. This means that unless the gamers pay money and purchase gems in order to unlock those resources, they will not be able to achieve them.

As unlocking those exclusive items is considered to be a very costly process, taking into account the unaffordable prices of Android players, here we present a modified version of Textura Stumble Gus Apk File. All the premium resources and skins are available to choose from and access.

Details of APK

NameTextura Stumble Guys
Size85 MB
DeveloperKitka Games
Package Namecom.kitkagames.fallbuddies
Price Free
Required Android5.1 and Plus

We found plenty of different pro items inside the game when we installed it and played it with others. Those included Main Characters, Skins, Powers, and more. All of these resources would be considered quite expensive and quite attractive to others. We were impressed by it.

As the developers implant these multiple mini games inside, the player has no control over when to play them. That means the selection of game themes for the gameplay-driven advanced AI System. That is completely involved in it.

It is now up to the AI system chooses the themes for the game. São texturas chosen for once, then players enter into the game and play starts. Remember there are numerous obstacles and hurdles waiting for you. Players must clear these multiple obstacles in a timely manner.

During the first and second levels of the game, players are required to reach the finish line and complete the task before the time runs out. However, when you reach the third level, now you will have to fight hard. And give your best, because all that matters is reaching the finish line.

In reality, we have already played the game and found it to be interesting and joyful. In this mod game, you will be able to unlock many pro characters and skins. If you are also interested and willing to participate in joyful games then install Textura Stumble Guys Download.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The gaming app is free to access for a mobile device.
  • Easy to install and play Android Phone Game.
  • No registration is needed.
  • No subscription is required.
  • Installing the battle royal inside Android Device offers multiple key modes.
  • Each mode is purely different from the others.
  • Gamers can now enjoy a unique gaming experience with advanced security settings.
  • Yeah, security settings are provided focusing players’ privacy.
  • Gamers can unlock different pro characters and skins.
  • There are different items also approachable to select.
  • Those include Skins and Powerful Anime Characters.
  • No third party ads are allowed.
  • The legal process of unlocking premium resources is considered expensive.
  • The gameplay interface was kept simple.
  • Internet connectivity is required.
  • Por exemplo 32 players can participate at once.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download Textura Stumble Guys Apk File

There is no information about the presence of gaming apps on the Google Play store at this moment. However, some of the key sources online claim to offer similar Apk files for free. However, in reality, what they are actually offering is fake and corrupted files.

So what is the best option for Android users in such a situation? Due to this you might be confused, and you are searching for the best alternative source for downloading. Make sure you visit our website and download the latest version of the application in one click.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk File

There has already been installed a new version of the gaming application on different Android devices. and after installing the application along with playing the games, we have found that there are no issues inside. Although they may work slowly inside some Android Phones.

You can find plenty of similar royal batte games published on the internet. You will find links to download and enjoy these alternative games on our website. For instance, you can download Gacha Glitch Apk or Haunted Dorm Apk for free.


If you are bored and tired of playing old traditional games. But are looking for the best online games which are also good in terms of play. Then you should visit our website and download Textura Stumble Guys Android for free and enjoy endless mini-games that you can play for free.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. <strong>Are We Providing Textura Stumble Guys Mod Apk?</strong>

    Yes, here we are providing the real modified version of gaming application for free.

  2. <strong>Does Gameplay Require Logins?</strong>

    The gameplay we are supporting is purely free to play and require no logins to play.

  3. <strong>Does the Game Support Third-Party Ads?</strong>

    No, the mod version of game is hosted over private severs. This means third-party ads are not allowed.

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