Threema Apk Download For Android [Secure Messanger]

Threema is a new online platform mainly developed focusing on secure communication. Here installing the Threema Apk offers complete security and privacy to Android users while communicating. Further, the accessible comprehensive features include private ID and rock-solid encryption.

Although the Android world is full of different communication applications. Then why should someone choose this new Android App? Mainly popular communication tools like WhatsApp are popular worldwide. These platforms also claim to offer secure communication. Yet, reports have been received regarding hacking such Apps.

Such online platforms claim to provide end-to-end encryption while calling. However, mobile users still cannot find such sources fully secure. Even the users can easily be tracked through open identification. Thus focusing the full security and privacy, here we present a new Chatting App.

What is Threema Apk?

Threema Apk is a popular new Android communication application structured by Threema GmbH. The main purpose of providing this new communication channel is to provide a secure pathway. Through this reputed companies and organizations can send and receive important data without hacking risk.

As we mentioned earlier, the Android market is already flooded with plenty of different communication tools. Even some of these communication Apps are completely free and famous globally. However, the problem with using such sources is they are trackable and hackable through third-party sources.

It means that companies and organizations completely feel insecure about sending important data. Further, the Apps claim to offer full encryption for calling and sending documents. Yet it is not guaranteed that the offered pathway is completely secure. Thus considering the guaranteed security, here we present Threema Apk.

Basically, the application we are providing here is completely downloadable with one click. Additionally, the App Apk provides guaranteed security and privacy to users. It means the calls including data submitted through the application are completely secure. Further, the App claims to provide rock-solid encryption. We also published plenty of other communication Apps for mobile users which are TM WhatsApp Apk and OG WhatsApp Pro Apk.

Details of APK

Size31.8 MB
DeveloperThreema GmbH
Required Android5.0 and Plus

Securely Send and Receive Data

Most Android users love using these communication apps for sending and receiving different files. Sometimes people use this channel to send important documents. Additionally, people are using the apps for video and voice calls. Yet these online sources are completely unsecure. Thus we recommend this new Threema App.

Rock Solid Encryption

Mainly Android users get worry sending important data through online channels. Although such online sources claim to provide complete encryption. Yet, different reports have already been received regarding data leakage. For guaranteed rock sold encryption we recommend mobile users this new application.

Full Anonymity

To create an account on communication apps, mobile users require an authentic mobile network number or email address. Now these numbers and email addresses are completely trackable. When we talk about this Threema Android then it never requires a mobile number or email address for account creation.

Switzerland Based Servers

Switzerland is always considered popular for its user security. Here the information stored is completely safe. Even the application servers are located in Switzerland. It means accessing those servers is completely impossible. Further, there is no authority allowed to access the user data.

Ad Free & Untraceable

Here the services provided are completely untraceable. It means the hackers may be unable to track and monitor any channel. Further, the encryption used to secure data is guaranteed solid rock. This means breaching and tracking is completely impossible. Additionally, install Threema Download and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Threema Apk?

Before we jump directly toward installation and utilization of the application. The initial step is downloading and for that Android users can trust our website. Because here on our webpage we only offer authentic files.

To make sure the mobile users will be entertained with the right App file we hired an expert team. Unless the App is safe and secure, we never provide it inside the download section for mobile users. To download the latest Android App please click on the direct download link button.


Are We Providing Threema Apk Mod?

Here we are providing both modified and official version of application. Install any of the following and enjoy premium free services.

Is The App Safe To Install?

We already installed the Apk inside multiple Android smartphones. After installing the App we find it completely safe and secure.

Can Android Users Download Apk From Google Play Store?

Yes, the application we are providing here is accessible to download from Play Store. Yet, here we also provide the original App file with a click download option.


If we talk about having fully secure online communication, then we recommend mobile users install Threema Apk. As here the Android App Apk offers a guaranteed rock solid encryption channel for communication. In extra, the App also provides comprehensive features including full anonymity.

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