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Making money online is one of the easiest things to do if you have a phone and internet connection. So, in today’s article, I am going to review and share an app called Twinkling Apk.

Some of you may be aware of or know about this app and some of you may don’t. So, this Twinkling Earning App is going so much viral on the internet and especially social media.

But in this article, I am going to review and give you my own opinion. This opinion is based on the information that I have got from different sources or websites on the internet.

What is Twinkling Apk?

Before you rush towards the download link or use Twinkling Apk, I just want to share a small introduction about the app. Basically, this is considered an online earning app for Android mobile phones. It is offering different kinds of tasks that you need to complete and get paid for those tasks.

Previously I have shared an article on this website LusoGamer where I have discussed the earning apps. However, this one is quite different from many other online earning applications. Basically, this app is designed for promotions and advertisements of many kinds of products.

Through the app, various kinds of companies sell or advertise their products. But mostly you can promote your games and apps. However, you can use this app and make money as per the claims of the app’s owners. You are supposed to watch those ads or promotions and in reward, you get paid.

However, I am not sure whether it is real or not as the data and information is taken from unknown sources. Therefore, you can either try it or skip it. So, you need to create an account on the app and invest a little amount of money in the app to start earning or to increase the number of earnings.

There are two main options to make money in the Twinkling App. First of all, you can have an egg that you need to smash and win rewards or gifts and secondly, you can watch ads or promotions. So, basically, these are quite easy and simple to do. So, you can do that within a few minutes.

How To Start Earning?

The first thing that you all need to do is to download the Twinkling Apk for your Android mobile phones. Then you need to install that on your phones. After that, you can simply launch that on your Android smartphones or tablets. Later you will see an option to log in or register.

However, here it is important to let you know that only Indonesian users are allowed to participate or use this app. If you have a registered mobile number in Indonesia, then you can get registered. So, simply enter the mobile number, username, and password.

You will also need to add some additional information such as bank details, email address and son. After that, you will have multiple options to earn such as smash egg or watch an ad. You will be asked to perform those tasks by the app, and you cannot do that by yourself.

However, then you will get the rewards or payments. But again I am not sure whether it is real or a scam. Therefore, I would not suggest someone invest money and lost all his money.


Is Twinkling Apk Real Or Scam?

First of all, I just want to make it clear that this is an unknown source or app. So, there is no kind of information or official website. I have gone through so many websites and searched on YouTube as well. But there is no kind of official sources to find whether it is real or not.

However, I have seen so many apps on the internet where users have shared their reviews and demand their money. Furthermore, most of the users have demanded the publishers to return their money back. Therefore, it is quite difficult to consider these apps real.

Therefore, I do not suggest anyone download and invest money. So, it would be better if you use the app for free without sharing original information.

How to Download and Install Is Twinkling Earning App?

In case if you are interested to download it at your own risk, then you can download the app from this page. So, you will get the Apk file from this page. Install the on your phone and use its services to try your luck.

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Note: Here I just want to warn and clarify that this is a third-party mobile app. Further, we don’t have any kind of affiliation with this app or its developers. We have shared this review as the app is quite viral and people are looking for it. But you can download and use the app at your own risks. But we will not be responsible for any kind of loss to the users.


Although these kinds of apps are helpful for those who want to generate some extra income. But if you choose and act foolishly, then you end up with a huge loss for yourself.

Therefore, choose thing wisely and do not trust such apps easily. Just clarify everything then use the. Therefore, If you are interested to try Twinkling Apk too, then you can do that at your own risk.

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