Verified Calls App Apk Download 2022 For Android [By Google]

Google is expending its services including smartphone manufacturing. With the expansion, Google has extended its services in terms of android app development. Aiming to provide a secure way for android users Google has again launched its new product namely Verified Calls App.

In real this is an android application particularly developed for mobile users. A few years ago due to advancement inside technology, Google decided to launch its brand new smartphone. Which will be a flagship smartphone offering smart features.

Among those features, Google has firstly introduced this Google Phone App Verified Calls feature for its Android Pixel devices. The main function of this android application is to provide a secure pathway. Where the fraudulent calls will be dropped automatically.

Moreover, if any unknown user tries to call you then the Hacking App will automatically fetch his/her data. And extract the information to let the device user know about who is calling. Even if any user tries to make contact again and again without any reason.

Then the application will automatically restrict the call and put the dialling number inside the spam filter. So the spammer will never be able to disturb the user again. Furthermore, Google has granted some extra features to this application.

Which means if an average person gets the unknown call then he/she will be able to see only mobile number on the screen. But when an android user, especially pixel smartphone user receives the call. Then the app will automatically fetch the caller data and show it to the user.

What is Verified Calls App

It is a mobile application particularly developed focusing android users. Who are feed up of receiving unknown calls regularly. World businesses are expanding and with the expansion, the company holders start receiving number unknown call for business discussion.

Even a user may receive hundreds of calls in one single day. It is not possible to attend all those unknown calls. And also it is not possible to guess which one is useful and which one is not. To make it easier the developers structured this new Verified Calls by Google App.

Which will not only assist a user in terms of receiving unknown calls. But it also assists the businessman’s in identify useful unknown calls without installing any extra tool. Though out there a number of such tools are accessible to install over the internet.

Details of APK

NameVerified Calls
Size57.84 MB
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Required Android7.0 and Plus
CategoryApps Tools

But when we compare Verified Calls By Google with other tools like Truecall. Then we found the significant edge by Google app over other tools. Because Google is the main centric of database where people share unlimited data trustfully.

Though other unknown call trackers are also useful in terms of tracking spam calls. Yet due to lack of database and resources as compared to Google. No one has the ability to beat LLC due to the huge database and a wider range of distribution.

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur and searching for a perfect platform. From where you can easily build communication safely without compromising security. Then we suggest you use Verified Calls Google App Download from here.

Key Features of The App

  • Installing the app will offer advance spam detector with a protector.
  • The user can easily identify any unknown caller.
  • Even filter down unknown callers including extracting information.
  • Moreover, put the spam callers inside the folder to avoid regular distraction.
  • Visual voicemail will enable the user to read and write any voicemail with calling back.
  • Mobile-friendly user interface with lightweight dark mode for battery save.
  • Emergency support will be always there for your help.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The App

Out there a number of websites claim to offer similar Apk Files for free. But when it comes to trust and legal channel then android users can’t trust such website. Because previously the number of mobile users fooled offering fake and corrupted files.

For downloading the latest version of Verified Calls Apk please click on download link button provided inside the article. Once you push the download link button your downloading will start automatically.

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If you are fade of receiving fake call including spammers. Then what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Verified Calls App from here. And enjoy your privacy permitting the app inside the smartphone.

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