Wifi AR Apk Download For Android [Update 2022]

In today’s era internet is considered a necessary part of our life. Without the existence of internet for humans, it seems difficult to progress. Hence many internet users register complaints about slow connectivity problems and considering the issues we brought Wifi AR Apk.

World is rapidly evolving due to advancements in technology. With the advancement in technology, different other new opportunities also appeared. But nowadays to run all those machinery and equipment requires internet.

Yeah, because of advancements in connectivity. Now people can easily work remotely without going or visiting the place personally. However, in some places, people are tired of slow connectivity. And focusing on their problems the developers structured Wifi AR App.

What is Wifi AR Apk

Wifi AR Apk is an online source that allows users to capture the exact location. Where the users can easily get the highest speed of connectivity without any struggle. All they need to do is just download the application and enjoy live AR Mode.

Radio frequencies are measure in Decibels. In other words, those numbers are represented with dB symbol. The more signal strength will be higher, the lesser sum will appear. For an average, the minimum decibel for the network should be less than 70 dB.

Yeah, if the figure goes higher than 70 then it means the signal strength will start depreciating. Due to low-quality signals, the user may experience this lag or disconnect problem again and again over time. However, in some areas the signal strength may be positive.

It entirely depends on antenna position and distance between the source. Till now no application or source was directly available that could easily identify the signal strength. But here today we are back with Wifi AR Android Hacking Tool that could the users identify the strength.

Details of APK

NameWifi AR
Size12 MB
DeveloperWi-Fi Solutions
Package Nameua.com.wifisolutions.wifivr
Required Android8.0 and Plus

To make the process loud and clear, the experts integrate this perfect codding. That uses the mobile camera system and try its best to locate the ideal place. Where the strength and connectivity speed can be easily determined.

When we explore the application briefly then we found plenty of different key features inside. Those key features include Custom Setting Dashboard, Signal Strength, MCS, Ping Rate, AP No, Interfering and Best AP. Live recording and movie making option is also reachable.

Remember the connectivity calibre can be measure easily in both categories. This means either you are using Wifi or 4G/5G the application can easily identify and offer authentic information. With Augmented Reality using mobile camera.

The version we are offering here is free and for using this free version. No registration or subscription is required. Besides you are interested in exploring and enjoying premium features. Then users are requested to purchase premium subscription.

Yes, over purchasing the premium subscription. The users can go and enjoy premium features including advanced custom portability. Furthermore, it will also help in disabling third-party ads. So you are ready to find the fastest and speedy signal then install Wifi AR Download.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The app file is free to download from here.
  • Installing the app offers different services related internet.
  • Those include Signal Level, Ping Rate and Speed Value.
  • All these three options are approachable.
  • Interfering networks are also detectable through application.
  • Best Wifi AP detector for android users.
  • No registration is required.
  • No need to purchase any subscription.
  • It does support third-party ads.
  • But will appear over screen rarely.
  • UI of the app is mobile friendly.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Wifi AR Apk

Instead of jumping directly towards installation and utilization of application. The initial step is downloading and for that android users can trust on our website. Because here we only offer authentic and operational Apk files.

To make sure the users will be entertained with the right product. We installed the application on different devices. Unless we are sure about the smooth operation of Apk file. We never offer it inside download section.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

The application we are offering here is perfect and useful. Furthermore, the version we are supporting here is legal and fully safe to install. So android users can easily install and use the application without being worried.

Here on our website, plenty of other android related tools are reachable. Which might offer the best android services for free. If you are interested in exploring those apps must follow the links. Those are WifiNANscan App Apk and PLDT WiFi Hacker APK.


Hence you are tired of using slow internet connectivity and searching for a perfect online solution. Then in this regard, we recommend those android users to install Wifi AR Apk inside android device. And easily determine the exact point where the speed is highest and signal strength is strongest.

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