Clash Quest Download For iOS and Android [2022]

Finally, the wait is over. Now you can download Clash Quest iOS as well as for Android mobile phones. You will be able to download the game for both Operating Systems from this article.

I will let you know about the process as well as the errors that fans are currently facing. I have heard about so many errors. Therefore, I will also discuss and share solution for those errors.

But before that, you will have to download the file such as Clash Quest IPA file for iOS and Apk for the Android. Then install the files on your smartphones or tablets.

Clash Quest Review

No matter you are looking for the Clash Quest iOS or for Android, you will get both of the files. But before that, you need to know what this game is about and how you can play it. Basically, it is developed and released by Supercell which is one of the most famous games development company.

They have produced tons of such 3D Games that crossed millions of installs. So, they have released another gaming app for multiple platforms including iOS and Android mobile phones. Therefore, in today’ article, I am going to share the game files for both Android as well as for iOS smartphones and tablets.

It is a video game based on the category of Strategy. Some of the gamers on YouTube are comparing it to the Clash of Clans. Even they are calling it Mini Clash of Clans. So, to some extent it is true. Because there are multiple kinds of quests. That you can play and upgrade to the next level.

However, there you will have an extra and enjoyable game mode that is Epic Monsters. There you are supposed to face monsters. They are quite destructive and can defeat you within a few seconds. Therefore, you need to grow and upgrade your armies gradually.

However, the gameplay and most of the features are the same for both of the platforms. You can have the same controls and same game modes. You can also have an option to visit the official App Store as well as Google Play Store to get the game. I will put the links for both of the files.

Why Clash Quest Not Working on Android and iOS?

It is official and confirmed that the Clash Quest has been released. But there are several countries that are only eligible to play the game. If you try to download and play it in the rest of the countries, then it will not work for you. So, you are probably going to face an error.

So, currently, it is not available in the Play Store for many countries or regions. Therefore, fans are downloading the Apk and IPA files from third-party websites and try to play the game.

But they end with the error. Most of the fans are facing an error where it says ‘Login is failed Try again in (30)’ or something like that.

So, before you install the game from any third-party source you must check out whether your region or country is eligible or not. The same thing goes for iOS or iPhone users.

The gameplay of Clash Quest

The gameplay of Clash Quest iOS or Android is the same. So, you need to deploy your troops. Use different strategies and tactics to counter your enemies. You can have Barbarians, Wizards, and Archers. You are supposed to deploy them in the best way so you can kill or defeat your enemies.

List of Supported Countries

If you don’t know what are those counties where the game is only available, then you must check out the below list.

Screenshot of Clash Quest iOS and Android 1
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland

However, Supercell will soon launch the official and final version for the rest of the countries. But currently, it is in beta version for limited nations. So, therefore, it is not working and showing error.

How to Download Clash Quest iOS?

I am sure if you are on this page then you probably looking for the Clash Quest iOS for your smartphones or tablets. Therefore, I am going to put the link for the iOS devices right at the end of this article. You will get a download button so you need to click on that.

Once you will click on that, you will be redirected to the official Game. There you can simply install that on your phone. It is so much simple and easy. Even it is free and there are no charges at all.

Gameplay Video of Clash Quest [YouTube]
How to Download Clash Quest Apk For Android?

If you are looking for the game to download on your Androids, then you will also get the link at the end. I have mentioned the links and titles clearly. So, you can easily differentiate and get the files. But again, this is the Clash Quest Beta version for iOS as well as for Android.

Therefore, there are very limited countries where you can play it. Other than those, you cannot play or even run the game. So, that is why you must wait for the final and official release for the rest of the world. I have shared the list of supported countries in one of the above paragraphs.

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Final Words

The gameplay and the links are given on this page. Now it is up to you whether you want to try Clash Quest iOS and Apk or not. But let me make it clear that the game is absolutely free, safe and official. However, it is not the final version rather it is the Beta edition of the game.

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