Light Years Apart APK Download For Android [Latest 2022]

We are here today with a role-playing game that is going to put your mind to test. We are talking about Light Years Apart APK. This is a game full of suspense and thrills. The destiny of the whole Milky Way, and the very planet we live on, is in your hands.

You are not just up against cunning spies, and pirates, here you will find yourself combating an AI. This is not just an ordinary AI, the human brain in front of it is a child’s mind.

A journey of adventure, where your simple choices are going to determine every aspect of the future that will unfold.

You are an agent of humanity and all life here. Find out if you are ready to tackle this cyber monster and its cronies. Download the latest version of RPG Game for free from our site.

What is Light Year Apart APK?

This is a role-playing game for Android smartphones and tablets, based on a sci-fi novel by Anaea Lay. This 230, 000 words long interactive story is a nonstop playful adventure full of happenings.

You and your sister are here to outmaneuver the AI and its agents to save the planet you live on.

Every step you take affects the unfolding future ahead. This is a text-based app and there are no graphics or sound effects. Your imagination will play all the graphics and sound effects here. Can you fuel it with your imagination? Test your power in Light Years Apart APK.

APK Details

NameLight Years Apart
Size4 MB
DeveloperChoice of Games LLC
Package Namecom.choiceofgames.lightyearsapart
Required Android4.1 and Above
CategoryGames Role Playing

Who are you in Light Year Apart MOD APK?

You are not an ordinary person here. Trained at Kempari College, the best institute for super spies. Here you are trained to fight against the Aydan-machine interplanetary AI. AI machine and its affiliated ICAS megacorp have taken full control of FTL weft-drives.

Parented by Shipboard computer, you have been wandering in the galaxy for about ten years. Since the day you resigned from the college in protest when your teacher ordained you to kill someone.

Now things in the galaxy have taken a dramatic turn. The ICA has blockaded Kempus. You are placed in a position where you can be your enemies ally or return to the rebels who deceived you once to prevent bloodshed in this part of the universe? Light Years Apart MOD APK will put your morals and courage on trial at every step.

Here you are not alone. Your sister is a hacker and she has successfully brought your flame back into your orbit. Now, the love you once left is mission-critical. The blockade is happening and the lives of thousands of kids are at stake.

As a former spy, you have been wavering through moral lines. But there are limits that you will never cross. Here is your test.

What are you going to do? Are you taking up the gauntlet or will you sneak out of the dangerous way silently?

Light Years Apart APK Features

Light Years Apart APK is an amazing nongraphic non-audiovisual role-playing game and here are the highlights from gameplay.

  • You can select your identity. Play as a male, female, gay, straight, bi, asexual, polysexual, or non-binary. No one will judge you.
  • This is a game of unlimited and artful swearing.
  • Exchange stories and plans with your secret agent colleagues.
  • Feel tipsy or known out on the extraterrestrial moonshine.
  • Join hands with space pirates and give the AI a tough time.
  • Feast your eyes on a planet breeding with its beautiful moon.
  • Take two strange-looking teenagers across the interplanetary blockade.

App Screenshots

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This is a nongraphic novel based role-playing game. Where you are up against a powerful AI and its cohorts. Can you outfox them all with the help of your hacker sister? Find out by downloading Light Years Apart APK by tapping the link below. It is free for your Android mobile phones and tablets.

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