REC TV Apk Download For Android [IPTV App 2022]

REC TV Apk is a new Android TV and Movies app that allows users to stream unlimited movies, series, and IPTV channels for free. Now you can install the app file on your Android device. And enjoy watching unlimited movies, series, and IPTV channels for free.

Upon studying the online search fields extensively. The experts discovered that the entertainment keyword is searched by most people in the world. The reason for searching online entertainment platforms is accessibility problems and expensive prices.

There are many popular platforms available today. However, the majority are premium, requiring premium subscriptions to access the content. REC TV Android was designed to provide free and easy access to rich premium content for everyone.

What is REC TV Apk

Rec TV Apk is the best application for Android users to stream and download a wide range of entertainment videos for free. Apart from offering rich premium content including TV Series and Movies. The app is also ideal for sports fans to enjoy unlimited IPTV channels.

The IPTV App file we are offering here is the all-in-one package. It includes all the key features, including the live streaming option, under a single package so that you can access all them under a single device. These features can only be accessed on premium platforms.

This free app comes with all the features that you may need for your android device. Many Android Mobile Device users use the internet to search for free premium content. But it is important for you to note that most platforms available online are paid subscriptions.

A recent online estimate indicates that premium platforms may cost up to hundreds of dollars a year. This is prohibitively expensive for Android Device users. Therefore experts structured REC TV App to provide free access to the platform and to make it as simple to use as possible.

Details of APK

Size18.9 MB
Package Namecom.rectv.rectv1
Required Android4.4 and Plus
CategoryApps Entertainment

In our brief exploration of the app file, we found many interesting features. These included Different Categories, Multiple Video Counters, Live TV Shows, Series, IPTV Channels, TV Category, Download Manager, and Speedy Servers.

A new addition Android Phone users will appreciate is Download Manager. Most android entertainment applications lack this feature. It allows users to download and watch downloaded content without having to be connected to the internet.

It requires a fast internet connection to run this application. However, most fans do not have access to such a fast internet connection. This is why experts integrate these high-speed servers to host apps and videos.

As a result of the integration of such responsive servers, the files will be rendered smoothly over slow connections. We are confident that the fans will never experience lag while streaming content. We have also added rich categories with a Custom Search Filter for easy access.

There is a television counter, which enables streamers to watch live shows including sports events, like IPL, etc. The content includes both audio and video files which are dubbed into Turkish. Hence, if you are ready to take advantage of this good opportunity, download the Rec TV application now.

Key Features of The Apk

Free To Download Rec TV Apk

The entertainment app we are providing here is free to download and requires no license. The best part about the application is both Movies and TV Channels are available to stream. And mobile phones are considered purely compatible with Apk file.

No Registration/Subscription

As we mentioned earlier the application we are supporting here is free to access. And users will never force to apply for any registration. Even the viewers will never ask to spend any money over streaming.

Unlimited Entertainment

The application is built focusing on entertainment purposes. Here fans can Watch Movies, Watch Live TV Channels and TV-Shows also on their mobile entertainment devices. TV Channels are accessible directly from the inside app.

Sports IP-TV Channels

Android devices today are capable of installing multiple mobile apps. Installing a particular Audio App will help stream the best tv channel. Due to enhancements in mobile technology, now fans watch live events without any disturbance.

Direct Download Manager

Among reachable amazing features, the developers add this Downloader. That assist in fetching direct download link and easily watch videos in offline mode. This way fans can enjoy HD Quality with the best music.

No Third Party Ads

Mainly TV Applications do support third party ads. But the particular app never allows third party advertising. In extra, all of the content provided is dubbed in the Turkish language. Even different TV Channels support same language.

User Friendly Interface

The application will automatically adapt to mobile devices screens. Due to its responsive UI, it is concluded among the best movie apps available online. Description Rec TV Apk is perfect to use in mobile devices.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download REC TV Apk

It appears that there are a lot of websites on the internet that claim to offer similar Apk files for free. However, in reality, these websites provide old and corrupted files, which are harmful if they are installed. Even the Apk file is not accessible on Google Play Store.

Hence if you are confused and don’t know whom to trust then you should visit our website. For the reason that here on our website we only offer authentic and original Apk files. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity then you should download the Rec TV App from here.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

Even though we are supporting an Apk file here that is perfectly safe to install and use. We also installed it over various Android devices and were able to find no errors. In addition to good conditions and smooth performance, we recommend the fans install the app and use it at their own risk.

In addition, there are numerous entertainment-related Apk files published and shared here. Because of this, you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. There are two App links that you should follow, which are Tyflex Plus Apk and PapyStreaming Apk.


It is clear that you are always looking for a perfect platform on the Internet where an unlimited number of Movies, Series and TV Shows can be accessed for free. Therefore, we recommend that you install the latest version of REC TV Apk. It is free and easy to use.

  1. Are We Supporting Rec TV Mod Apk?

    No, here we are presenting the official operational version of the application for Android users.

  2. Does App Require Coins To Stream Content?

    No, the only thing required to stream content here is smooth connectivity.

  3. Are We Providing an Android Compatible Apk File?

    Yes, the version we are supporting is purely installable on all Android Smartphones.

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