YouTube Blue Apk Download For Android [Latest]

YouTube is considered among the top online platforms. Where mobile users have direct access to unlimited media content for free. Thus inside the official version, viewers are restricted to do certain activities. Therefore focusing user assistance we brought YouTube Blue Apk.

Hence installing a modded version of the application is will offer different key features which are not accessible inside the original version. Though YouTube is offering an android version of the application for android users. Which is simple and user friendly in terms of usage.

Even the original version is carrying this dark mode option. Which will not only offer a unique display over the mobile screen. But it will minimize battery consumption while using the application. So the viewer will never experience this battery heat up the issue.

But when we explore the application in-depth than we found several different prominent features. Which are restricting the user in terms of downloading the media file. Plus playing the media file in background mode.

Most of the viewers registered their complaint regarding unable to play the music in background mode. Those who are interested in downloading the content plus playing the content in the background. They are push and ask to purchase the premium subscription of application.

Which is expensive and may ask to pay the fee over monthly. Therefore focusing the affordability problem and users concern. Developers are back with this YouTube Blue App. Where all the restrictions are removed including playing media in the background.

There are more new features and options which we gonna discuss below here in detail. Till than mobile users can enjoy the customize, fully modded version of application for free. Without out any registration or subscription.

More About YouTube Blue Apk

Thus the application is a smooth modded version of YouTube official application. Where the basic options are kept the same as original. The things which developers modify inside the application are Color Theme, Background Play and Direct Download Option.

The mentioned features are some of the key details which the entertainment lovers are going to love. The word blue was used to reflect the blue theme. Means the black combination is removed permanently. And added blue colour replacing the black.

Details of APK

NameYouTube Blue
Size62.6 MB
Required Android 5.0 and Plus

Apart from making the major colour modification. The most important modification made by experts is Background Playback Option. Means now the Song or Music lovers can use the application in background mode without muting.

So the users can do multi-tasks continue playing the media file. The other option which the users are going to love is the direct download option. Yeah, those who are tired of installing the third party plugins for downloading the media files directly from YouTube.

Can now download those files directly without installing or taking the assistance from third-party downloaders. So if been searching for the original version of modded App. Then you download enjoy unlimited media files installing YouTube Blue Download from here.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The mod version of the application is downloadable from this page.
  • Installing the App will not only offer direct access to media files.
  • But it will also offer background play option with the direct download feature.
  • Yeah, now the music lovers can play the YouTube media files in background mode.
  • And also download the file using the direct download button.
  • Security measures including privacy policies are the same as original version.
  • Third-party ads are removed permanently.
  • Registered is not necessary for streaming content.
  • The user interface of the App is mobile friendly.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Apk

Out there many websites are claiming to offer the original version of Apk files. But in reality, those websites are offering fake and corrupted files. Which are harmful as well as dangerous to install inside android smartphones.

Those who are seeking for the original mod version of the application. Must visit our website because our expert team examine Apk deeply so the user will never experience any problem. For downloading the updated version of YouTube Blue Android please click on given link.

There are plenty of different modded version of YouTube are reachable. And some of those authentic versions are also reachable to download from our website. If you are interested then follow the mentioned URLs which are YouTube Vanced Apk and YouTube Shorts Apk.


Those who love to stream media content through YouTube and unable to play it in background mode due to restrictions. Must download and install YouTube Blue Apk from here. Because installing this version will offer both background play and direct download option.