YouTube Blue Apk 2022 Download For Android [Latest]

The YouTube App is considered among the top online platforms where mobile users can enjoy unlimited media content for free. However, in the official version, users are restricted to doing certain activities. This is why we offered YouTube Blue Apk to satisfy the user.

It is therefore recommended that you install the modded app. As it offers different key features which are not available in the original YouTube App. Nevertheless, YouTube has released an official version of its application for users of Android devices, which is simple to use and user friendly.

There is a dark mode option in the original version, which will not only provide a unique display on the mobile screen. But also minimize battery consumption during the usage of the application. So viewers will never have to deal with battery heat up problems.

The Mod App has several notable features. Upon exploring the application in greater depth, we discovered several different prominent features. Some of these are offering the user free hand whether they are downloading the file or playing it in the background.

The majority of viewers complained that they were unable to play music in the background mode. Those who were interested in downloading and playing the content in the background were pushed and asked to purchase a premium subscription of the app.

With such a paid app and the cost of a subscription to it being high and possibly asking users to pay the fee over a period of time. Developers have come up with this YouTube Blue App. In which all the restrictions have been removed and video can be played in the background.

It is important to note that there are more new features and options which we will cover below here in detail. Nevertheless, Android Phone users can enjoy the fully modded, customized version of the application for free. There is no need to register or subscribe to this application.

More About YouTube Blue Apk

YouTube Blue Apk is a smoothly modified version of YouTube’s official application. It keeps the basic options as original, however, the developers have changed the colour scheme, the background play, and the link to download directly from YouTube.

As mentioned above, the items mentioned are some of the most important details that entertainment enthusiasts will love. The word blue was used to reflect the blue theme. Meaning that the black combination has been permanently removed. A blue colour replacement has been added.

Details of APK

NameYouTube Blue
Size32.4 MB
Required Android 5.0 and Plus
CategoryApps Video Players & Editors

Aside from the major colour modification, the most important modification by experts has been the Background Playback Option. This means that now music lovers can use the application in background mode without having to mute it.

Android Phone Users can easily multitask while playing the media file. Another option that the users are going to love is the direct download option. Yeah, those who are tired of installing third party plugins to download the media directly from YouTube will love this option.

There is no need now to install or use third party downloaders to download those files. As they can now be downloaded directly without the need to install anything. So if you have been searching for the original version of the modded app, then you can find it here YouTube Blue Apk Download.

Key Features of The Apk

Above, we already shared key information regarding YouTube Videos and other components. In this particular section, we gonna discuss all the features mannerly. Reading the details will help understand the application smoothly.

Free To Download YouTube Blue Apk

Watching Videos has become an easier process due to YouTube. However, when it comes to video watching offline. Then it is considered impossible inside the official application. But installing YouTube Blue Apk makes it possible for others.

First download videos using provided channel. After that save the Video inside the mobile storage section and later watch youtube videos on an Android device without holding a connection.

Easy To Use And Install

This is a better Stock YouTube App version we are providing here to assist in watch videos on Android devices. Remember use the old classic method for installing Apk file. In addition, the process of utilization is also considered simple and normal.

Background Play Videos

Mainly YouTube Application never supports the background play option. But the experts made certain modifications and now fans can easily play videos in the background. In addition, this way fans can also enjoy music videos.

YouTube Ad Blocker

Mainly YouTube videos are monetized and pop up ads in them. However, the particular feature now offers ad free videos in it. Now users never require to worry about YouTube ads while watching videos.

YouTube Settings

The Free App file manager enables users to access the setting dashboard. Where users can make certain changes in official youtube. Even enable the Downloaded Videos option to render those in offline mode.

Remember from the same spot fans can adjust video quality options. This way other videos will be played in similar resolutions. In extra, the system will detect video screen resolution and adjust quality accordingly while playing HDR Mode.

High Dynamic Range

YouTube Blue Apk Latest Version we are sharing offers more missing features. Such as HD Quality Videos and Stream Restricted Videos. Even the same features will be available to use as of the premium version. This time online mode is provided for first time.

Multiple Themes are provided including Dark Theme. Even to watch videos a proper internet connection is required. The New version of the app is included among the top trending apps.

Some Extra Features

The Android free download version we are presenting is rich in features. Including Repeat Videos Option, Video Playback, Ad Blocker, YouTube Video Categories, Offline YouTube Play Option and more.

Privacy Policies/Rules

The YouTube Blue Apk Modified App offers the same policies and rules as the original application. Yet Third Party Ads are purely banned here. However, the system automatically update key improvements.

No Registration or subscription is required here. The Android Community like App User Interface plus the new colour combination. Google Play Store never support such a modified version. So if you are interested then you better visit our website.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download YouTube Blue Apk

There are many websites out there that claim to offer the original APK file. However, what these websites really offer is fake and corrupted APK files. These are harmful as well as dangerous to install inside android smartphones when they are downloaded.

If you are looking for the original mod version of the app, then you should visit our website. As here expert team examines the Apk thoroughly so there will never be any problem experienced by the user. To download the latest version of YouTube Blue Android, follow the given link.

We have a large number of different modded YouTube versions for you to choose from. Some of those authentic versions are also available to download from our website at the following URLs: YouTube Shorts Apk and YouTube Vanced Apk.


Install YouTube Blue Apk from here if you love to stream media content through YouTube, And if you are unable to play videos in the background due to restrictions. Installing YouTube Blue Apk will allow you to play media content in the background and download directly from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are We Providing The YouTube Mod Apk File Here?

    Yes, here we provide a modified version of the application with one click option.

  2. What is The Speciality Of This Mod App?

    The Mod App offers a free hand to Android users in terms of downloading videos with one click option.

  3. Does The App Require Logins?

    No here the version we are supporting never asks for any logins. It is considered free to access without any subscription.

  4. Is It Safe To Install The Apk File?

    Although, we never hold the direct copyrights of the application. But we already installed the Apk on multiple devices and found it safe and secure.

  5. Does YouTube Blue Apk Offers Offline Streaming?

    Yes, the version we are supporting does provide this offline streaming option.

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