The Best 10 Football Games FIFA vs PES

Football is the most popular game, not only in Europe or South America but all over the world. For instance, the 2018 World Cup final was viewed by 1.2 billion people worldwide. It speaks for the popularity of the game.

This popularity has a trickle-down effect on the games as well. The games may not be as popular as the real thing but nevertheless, they are played by millions of people. It is in this context that many people argue about the best game that is there for soccer.

In this article, I am going to talk about the best soccer game that has ever released. Similarly, I will also give a ranking of the soccer games from bottom to top. So let’s begin without any delay.

The Best 10 Soccer Games:

There is always disagreement among the gamers over which franchise makes the best soccer games. For some it is FIFA, for others it is PES. Here I am going to include both. The ranking of the games is based on the Metacritic ratings. So, the rankings from bottom to top are as follow:

10. PES 2017:
This version of PES has been liked by the gaming community. The Metacritic gives it a ranking of 87 out of 100.

9. PES 2016:
On the ninth slot is another of the PES games released for the year 2016. It is again rated highly on the Metacritic. All in all this game is almost perfect in all aspects.

8. FIFA 2009:
FIFA 2009, took a turn for better in 2009. This version had all that is good in FIFA games today. It is ranked 87/100.

7. FIFA 14:
This version of the game was made available on Xbox and PC. It is again one of the improved versions of the game.

6. FIFA Soccer 2003:
The FIFA Soccer 2003 marks a landmark in the soccer gaming scene. It is in this version that most of the amazing things relate to the graphics as well as the gameplay were introduced.

Top 5 Soccer Games

5. Winning Eleven: PES 12:
Metacritic ranks it at 88 out of 100. One reason for that is the improvements that this version ushered in.

When this version of FIFA Soccer was released, FIFA franchise was the only one famous for soccer games. This is the reason why the FIFA Soccer 11 was so good. It is ranked at 89.

From the year 2011, FIFA kept on improving its gameplay. This attracted many more gamers to the FIFA franchise. The FIFA Soccer 13 was yet another feather in the cap of FIFA franchise. According to the ratings released by Metacritic, it got 90 out of 100.

As mentioned earlier, the FIFA Soccer kept on improving at an unprecedented rate after 2011. FIFA Soccer 12 was a sign of the unmatched quality of FIFA games. Everything about the game took a turn for better from this version henceforth.

1. FIFA Soccer 16:
This FIFA version is the best in the business. It is a highly ranked soccer game – both PES and FIFA included. According to the Metacritic ratings, it enjoys a whopping 91 out of 100. It is a benchmark for all the future games to take something out of.

Final Thoughts:

There has been a debate over which franchise is the best one – FIFA or PES? As far as the choice of the users is concerned, FIFA stands triumphed as the best among both franchises.

However, it must also be said that it can’t be all looked at in black and white. There are some aspects of PES that are better than FIFA. The ranking above points to this fact.

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