Is It Legal To Download Bulli Bai Apk? [Sulli Deals]

Though Android Phone users are already aware of the Sulli Deals. If not then don’t worry because here we gonna explain the details briefly. Similar to the previous deal, this new scandal outraged people. If you are willing to explore and understand this new scene by yourself then install Bulli Bai Apk.

People were planning to enjoy this New Year with new happiness and joy. However, people went outraged when they heard of this new application. That has stumbled the whole government after receiving these complaints.

Till this moment the news has trigged different controversial online reports. That claim to interlink the government with the key problem. Nevertheless, the government seems taking strong actions against the app. To explore app features briefly, install Bulli Bai App Download on Android devices.

What is Bulli Bai Apk

Bulli Bai Apk is an online adult platform where different popular people’s pictures were uploaded. Those include Journalists, Social Activists, Students and other relatable people. Even Smartphone users claim developers upload images for auctions.

After digging deeper and collecting information from different sources. Today here we are successful in providing collectable authentic information. That will lead Android device users to understand key issues related to the Bulli Bai App.

Moreover here we’ll discuss some of the key issues. Which entirely widespread this great anger among people causing personal harm. Though we are not sure what the government of India is actually planning to do about this.

However, the IT minister, Indian Cyber Security Authority and other responsible institutions already picked up this burning issue. The officials released different statements regarding the banning of both Sulli Bai and Bulli Bai. After getting this strong response from the people side.

A few months back the same controversy outraged people by auctioning Muslim women and their pictures. Yet the government claim to counter the issue strongly and resolve this shameful activity in time. After a few months, now this new problem peeked its head.

Where the concept of this new Bai App Download Apk entirely resembled the previous platform. Although developers only auctioned famous people’s pictures for sale. But the smartphone users claim different women are also placed on the auction list.

After exploring the reachable reports and different expert opinions. The platform does support the auction process of personal pictures without any approval. Which is considered illegal and people are demanding quick justice.

According to officials, the Bulli Bai App Download was first launched on 1st January 2022. Which was considered to be a happy New Year’s day. At the start, the officials are not interested in taking any decisive action against particular Android Mobile Phone App.

But when the problem goes viral, now the responsible institutions are seemed committed to resolving the particular problem. Thus you are interested in supporting the official stance of institutes then avoid installing Bai App Download Apk.

Sulli Deals App

This particular Bulli Bai App Download was released last year targeting Muslim women. Still, experts are claiming to find a particular platform resembling Sulli App. Which was released last year and was responsible for uploading pictures of famous Muslim women.

Political Leaders Stance

The opposition leader of India Rahul Gandi strongly passed this statement of government negligence and lack of interest. Nawab Malik NCP leader outraged to see Vocal Muslim Women being auctioned online. He demanded the home minister take quick action.

Another popular political leader Mehbooba Mufti clearly accuses the government of giving a free hand to a particular problem. Even she purely accuses the government of this genocide activity. The leader condemned such genocide activities.

Government Action on Problem

After receiving several complaints regarding the particular same Bulli Bai Apk. The IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw declare to inform GitHub for removing content. GitHub has already taken action and avoided redirecting users from the product.

Furthermore, people with less information are recommended to avoid installing such free app files. CERT and police authorities are interconnected and exchanging information. To avoid further problems and not let other feelings hurt.

Key Features of The Apk File

When we install the amazing app inside multiple Android devices. Then we find tons of different mobile application features. If you are interested in knowing about the key features of the relevant app then please read the below points carefully.

Free To Download

The latest version of Apk download is completely legitimate and free software to access. To download Bulli Bai App please click on the provided download button. As you click on the App Github Platform download button. Then it will start downloading automatically.

Easy To Install

When you are done downloading, please access the downloaded file through file manager. Now click on the Apk file to initiate installation process. Never forget to enable unknown sources from Android settings > Security Settings.

Compatible With Multiple Android Phones

Presently the app is counted among the top trending apps and it is considered a controversial application. Here the official data is provided after hacking the systems. Remember the app official developer website is still unknown.

However, we installed the app download apk on multiple devices. After installing the app we find it compatible with other digital devices. If you are interested in running apps inside Computers then please integrate popular Android emulators.

No Ads

Accessing the main dashboard and participating in online bidding requires registration. However, the app will ask for a subscription license to earn money. In addition, the app is friendly to use and never allows third-party ads to display.

Unknown Sources and Hosting Platform

The application offers faster download speeds for downloading files. In addition, the app never stores user data and is kept in secrecy considering privacy. In addition, this custom search bar is also provided for instant searching.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Mainly third-party applications never focus on the user interface. However, if we talk about this particular Android application then it is purely mobile-friendly to use. In addition, the developers offered these extra links inside considering user assistance.

How To Download Bulli Bai Apk File

When it comes to downloading Apk files directly with one click. Then we recommend those Android users visit our website. Because here on our website, we only share authentic and original Pure Apk files for Android users.

To make sure the Android users are offering operational and authentic Apk file. We already installed the Android Phone App inside multiple Android devices and find it authentic. To download Bulli Bai App please click on the below-provided App download Apk link.

Is It Legal To Install The Apk

After conducting research and exploring accessible online content. We purely find the Bulli Bai GitHub illegal and recommend that other Android device users avoid installing the Android free download App Apk. To support feminism and women’s security.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can Android Users Download Bulli Bai App Github For Free?

    Yes, the latest version of application is accessible to download from here with one click.

  2. Does App Requires Registration?

    Accessing all the secret content inside the application requires registration.

  3. Is It Possible To Install App Download Apk From Google Play Store?

    No, the Android application is not available to download from Play Store.


If you believe such platforms are a big headache for human society. Especially for women, those experiencing trouble finding their good rights. If you are willing to explore issues by yourself then download Bulli Bai Apk online.

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